A Sign of How Much You Love Your Dogs

A Sign of How Much You Love Your Dogs

Nicknames are a sign of affection in most cultures. I just got back from a 6-week trip to the US. I’m rarely away from my dogs for that long and I realized just how many names I call them during our conversations. As a solitary writer, I speak to my dogs more than anyone. If the amount of Spanglish and other assorted nicknames is any indication of how much I love them, I love them muchísimo. Here’s a list of them so far.


Pupdate: Living with a dog who has seizures

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Le-le has made a miraculous recovery after a 36 hour bout of seizures.

Many of you know I have an epileptic Rottweiler named Le-le (aka Stinkbutt, Slobberface). Le-le started having terrifying seizures years ago. As difficult as it is to witness, we’ve all become accustomed to dealing with them. The vet care here is not like in the US, so testing for brain tumors and other causative issues is not possible. We manage it with medication the best we can and aside from his occasional bouts he’s a big, happy goofball.

Having a large animal go into convulsions in the house is traumatizing and messy. Le-le loses control of his bowels. Urine and feces go everywhere. Over time, he seems to have been able to keep a small part of his brain online to hold in the poo until he can walk and go outside, but the pee is still beyond control.

Like I said, we’re used to it and have developed a protocol for attacks using the following steps.


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