I hit the streets of historic New Hope, PA to immerse myself in my characters’ world. You guys know I’m anal about the details. I sucked up the sounds and smells. I took lots of notes and pictures. I expected to see Ona walking to work or Antoni shooting by on his motorcycle. Going on location really got me back into the story. After a long period of burn out, I’m ready to get back to revising The Sculptor of New Hope.

More to come!

How do you research your location?

What kind of locations do you like to experience when reading a novel?

Have you ever read a book with inaccurate location descriptions?

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"Anyone who has ever secretly longed for the significant other of a close friend will immediately identify with this well-written story set in the South of France. The dialog is sharp and the characters believable. The writing is both funny and poignant."
–Max Tomlinson, author of 
The Cain File

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