I know, I know… this song was first released in 1988. And it gained more notoriety from the movie Fight Club, which didn’t come out until the tail end of the 90’s.

I wasn’t into theĀ Pixies in ’88 because I was only eleven years old and still listening to Milli Vanilli, but I did become a diehard fan long before Chuck Palahniuk‘s book was made a movie.

I’m adding this song to 90’s Monday because that’s when I discovered the Pixies and have listened to them ever since. This song is from the album Surfer Rosa, but I love all their albums. They are the band that always does it for me no matter how many times I listen to them or how music changes. They may just be my all time favorite band EVER.

During the 90’s Frank Black went solo and Kim Deal formed The Breeders. I had the pleasure of seeing Frank Black and the Catholics on one of my chemically-soddened birthday’s at some venue in downtown Orlando. Circa 2004, my dream came true when the Pixies reunited and I went to their concert somewhere in South Florida. In my brief stint as a bass player our band covered this song. I got to play Kim Deal’s part and sing the eerie “oooh-ooooooohhhh!!!”

Effing love them!

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