Anyone want to go for a ride?

Seeking help in choosing a bike… (for my character) ūüėČ

I love sport bikes. I got my motorcycle license years ago and planned to buy something fast and Japanese. Then I moved to Panama where having this kind of bike is a death wish.

The Husband and I were thinking about getting a couple of these…

CRF250L_2015_Offroad_07 Honda

Honda’s CRF250L. ¬†Not so pretty, but practical.

…then we could go off roading, but even now we’re second guessing that idea after witnessing¬†a few gruesome accidents.

For now, I live vicariously through my character without risking my life. The best part is there is no price limit. I can buy the biggest, baddest machine in the world. This is why in my WIP, Mr. Azarov rides the ultimate dream bike, a Ducati Panigale Superbike customized in matte black. Italian bikes are more his style and I love the somewhat indecent sound of the name Ducati. The powerful black bike is the modern equivalent of a black steed for my Byronic hero.

Motorcycle porn.

Ahh! Motorcycle porn.

We had lots of fun with it in the book, but eventually he takes a passenger (the love interest, wink, wink). Now this is not a bike built for comfort, and I wondered is even it possible to even have a passenger on this model? Is that a cowl on the back, or not?


Drooling here.

So my second choice was another Ducati, the Monster, which is also badass and looks to be more street savvy. I like that the model name corresponds with some of the symbolism in the book, and it looks comfy for two riders. Aw.

So motorcycle owners and experts:

Please advise! Feel free to suggest your favorite model or fantasy bike.

Fellow writers:

What fantasies do you live out through your characters?

Dear readers:

If you had no price limit, what toy would you buy? A boat, car, ultralight, personal IMAX theater?

Thank you for visiting.

Please enjoy this novelette on the house.

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"Anyone who has ever secretly longed for the significant other of a close friend will immediately identify with this well-written story set in the South of France. The dialog is sharp and the characters believable. The writing is both funny and poignant."
‚ÄďMax Tomlinson, author of¬†
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