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Ah yes, the “C” word. C is for Cancer. It also stands for, well, Crappy. Crummy. BUT, when it comes to Jeri Walker, it’s also about being Courageous.

This is Jeri Walker

You may know Jeri from Word Bank Writing & Editing, where she offers writing tips, editing advice, author interviews and more. It’s a literary heaven, really. It was through this website that I first came to know Jeri, and we quickly became friends. Her intellect was Captivating (another “C”!).

Then, recently, Jeri reached out with words of her breast cancer diagnosis, and it shook the worlds of so many of us. But Jeri, resilient woman that we know her to be, stands strong and uses The Abandoned Boob Chronicles to bring us her deepest thoughts, struggles, and triumphs.

What is The Abandoned Boob Chronicles?

This is Jeri’s way of gaining support and also sharing her experiences along her breast cancer journey, starting from the diagnosis at age 40. It is a GoFundMe campaign, but once you start to read it, you realize it is about so much more than monetary donations, although that is vital. Any donations made through the page will go toward her living expenses, business expenses, therapy sessions, health insurance-related costs, paying off debt and tattoos to cover surgery scars.

Scans Showing Breast Cancer

The Breast Cancer Diagnosis. Jeri Walker, you’ve got this.

Here is a bit of what Jeri Walker writes at The Abandoned Chronicles at GoFundMe:

“What I can give to you is my tale. It’s not just a story about breast cancer. This diagnosis has only provided the structure for framing my narrative. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction, and it’s a long damn story. I’ve hedged for years over what I should be writing. It’s time for me to do what I do best, which is write about life as I know it in hopes of connecting with others. Authenticity is my superpower. What’s yours?”

Jeri delivers regular updates on her GoFundMe Campaign page about her fight and, as she says, she will win. We say, “You’ve got this, Jeri” and wrap our arms around her. Because she needs us just as much as we need her.

Support for Inspirational Jeri

Please consider donating to The Abandoned Boob Chronicles at GoFundMe. If you are unable to do so, a social media share of her page would be an amazing contribution instead. Let’s raise awareness. It’s a team effort.

Jeri Walker is an inspiration not only for anyone battling breast cancer but also anyone who is looking a scary situation in the eye and telling it to go to H-E double hockey sticks.

♥ Christy

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