How can insecure writers (like me) become confident in their craft?

By learning all they can about writing, of course!

The answer is so obvious, but I never took action. So, I finally invested in myself by signing up for my first ever writing course, Richard Thomas’s Contemporary Dark Fiction class in fall 2019. I reserved my spot back in May 2018. That is how quickly these classes get booked up!

There are a few slots left for Richard Thomas’s Advanced Creative Writing Workshop for May.-Aug. 2019 and Sept.-Dec. 2019.

This class is ideal for:

  1. Advanced students who are looking to take their writing to the next level
  2. Authors who write genre fiction and are looking to make their work more literary
  3. Literary authors who are looking to add some genre, or supernatural aspects, to their realism
  4. Authors who have published several stories already
  5. Authors who don’t need to be taught craft, or the basics of short story writing
  6. Anyone looking to expand their understanding of contemporary fiction
  7. Authors that are looking to publish in the top magazines, websites, and anthologies
  8. Writers who have the time and discipline to read every week, and write a new short story once a month

Click here for more information.

Download the syllabus.

If you want to see his wealth of qualifications, take a gander here.

Also, check out his other classes on LitReactor.

If you don’t take your writing seriously, no one will.

Have you invested in writing classes?

How has it changed your writing?