Hello, I’m Christa Wojciechowski, and I’m a struggling writer.

It is a miraculous time in the writing world. Technology and the internet have made the dream of becoming an author possible for everyone. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

I am a self-published author. I’m a digital marketer by profession, but I am querying books and stories in the hopes of becoming a full-time fiction author one day.

I am also overwhelmed and lost. I am not selling many books. I’m not moving forward. I feel I haven’t reached my full potential as a writer.

I’ve recently joined a woman’s group that has multiplied my progress in business. It features courses on every topic imaginable, ‘mastermind’ conference calls, and a private group for one low monthly subscription.

I thought, imagine if writers had this same resource! Why struggle trying to figure everything out on your own when you can have the brains of multiple writers, marketers, and publishing experts on your team?

The Writers’ Mastermind Group

The Writers’ Mastermind will be a platform where fiction writers can find streamlined, actionable information to take them from story concept to published work. The Writers’ Mastermind is also a support hub where members can attend critique swap meetings, marketing pow-wows, and fun events.

Writers are busy. Most have day jobs and families. Many tend to drift, writing and marketing sporadically, never gaining momentum. In a world inundated with information, they need the essentials, delivered in a timely, organized manner that ensures they are learning something new every month and taking the steps that bring them closer to becoming a successful author.

The masterclasses will also provide encouragement and camaraderie to writers all across the world who’ve historically been isolated in their vocation. We don’t have to do it alone anymore. The novices will learn from the seasoned authors. The old schoolers will learn from the trailblazers. The Mastermind provides a place where writers can network, collaborate, and make connections to extend their opportunities and reach. Accountability and critique partners will be matched up by the administrators. A Facebook group will be the forum for discussing anything and everything writing.

Each month will feature one expert who will provide a masterclass focused on writing techniques, marketing, querying, or fostering creativity. The expert will offer a short video series with accompanying workbooks, guides, and materials on the subject for that month.

Each specialist will do a live Q&A and mastermind meeting with the members on a Zoom video conference. Members will be able to access the classes at their convenience and learn at their own pace. Select mastermind calls will be taped and available for replay. The entire bank of classes will be available to paying members at all times.

This membership site will be at an extremely reasonable rate—starting at $19–$49 a month, affording writers a huge value for their monthly subscription.

The Writers’ Mastermind will also hold writing contests several times a year to grow our community while providing aspiring fiction writers a venue to showcase their work.

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Our first contest is open for submissions right now!

Writing Contest Details:

  • Open to writers of all levels and all genres of adult fiction, published or unpublished, worldwide
  • Entry is free
  • 1K-5K words
  • 1st prize is a $100 Amazon Gift Card
  • Publication on our site and social media
  • AND a free spot in our upcoming writers’ mastermind group