The cover for Oblivion Black is here, and it is an absolute masterpiece. A massive thanks to Lynne Hansen for her brilliant work! I could never have come up with such a beautiful, fitting concept and aesthetic for this book. This story is about the transcendent power of art over the pull of darkness, and Lynne’s cover captures this perfectly. Once you read Oblivion Black, you’ll also notice Lynne has cleverly incorporated little hints from the story.

Note: the release has been moved to Monday, August 8th.

Those of you who’ve preordered will have received a notice from Amazon.

If you are on my ARC team and received review copies through Book Funnel, good news! You get some extra time to read the book and write your review.

I apologize for the delay, but organizing and synchronizing everything for launch has been a challenge. I hope to nail down an efficient book release system that I can share with my fellow authors in the Writers’ Mastermind in the near future.

In the midst of this book release, reality is alarming. Panama is in upheaval. What began as road blockages and peaceful protests against rising costs, low wages, corruption, and a generalized frustration, has escalated into violence and chaos. Food and gas shortages plague the country. Transportation is locked down. We are fortunate to be safe and have resources close at hand. We’re praying that the citizens and the government can find a resolution soon.

In the meantime, the show must go on. Take care and look for Oblivion Black on 8/8 (Psst… You can preorder here).

The harder you try to escape, the more darkness pulls you under.

Art school dropout Ona Price is forced to clean up after an embarrassing overdose on a Manhattan sidewalk. While in recovery, she lands a job as the assistant to mysterious Antoni Azarov, the world-famous sculptor known as The Hands of God. An undeniable attraction develops as Ona becomes the muse of his greatest work, but Antoni keeps his physical distance at all costs. When Sonia Orlyk, the predatory wife of a wealthy benefactor, decides she wants the sculptor to herself, the secret that has bound Antoni to his art threatens all.

Oblivion Black is a lush transgressive fairy tale with the Gothic appeal of a Brontë novel. Fans of literary fiction, romance, and thriller books will appreciate this intense dive into existential confusion, intoxication, eroticism, and beauty.

Thanks for reading!