What's Writers Roast?

Writers Roast on My Sweet Delirium ChristaWojo.com

Do you smell something burning?


An Idea to Liven Up the Online Writing Community

Are you taking your writing too seriously?

Do you want a fun, yet honest opinion of your work?

Have your writing roasted!

This crazy idea is still in the beta stage, but I’ll be hosting a Writers Roast where volunteer reviewers gut your writing and analyze every flaw, mock every line of purple prose, and trample the very last of your writerly self-esteem.

Who the heck would want to do that?

Masochists, weird people and the criminally insane–basically, your average writer.



Roastees must be good sports and be able to take a swift upper-cut to their egos.

Roasters must know the difference between shrewd criticism and cruelty. Roasts are not mean spirited, but rather a way to develop camaraderie. Trolls and bullies will be banished.

Roasts would not be published without the author’s consent (for example, in the instance they change their mind after reading the critique).


Interested in collaborating? Contact me.


  1. herheadache

    This is a great idea and I would be interested, but not really sure I have enough to submit. I have a lot of blog posts and essays written and I started a NaNoWriMo novel. I would be interested sometime in the future though. I don’t have a writing critique group around here and think this would help me a lot.

    • christawojo

      I would only like 1000-2000 words at a time, Kerry, so blog posts, essays, or chapters from your novel would do.


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