Marquis de Sade on Perverse Writers

Marquis de Sade on Perverse Writers

As I was finishing the first drafts of the third part of SICK, I picked up the infamous Marquis de Sade. I had been wanting to read him for years. Would he be as depraved as I had been told?

The first thing I noticed was the similarities between his characters’ (or de Sade’s) logic and the philosphies of John Branch (my MC). I never read de Sade before, but hundreds of years later, the argument between nature and religion is the same. Do we live according to the instincts and impulses we were born with, or do we live according to what society deems as acceptable?

Despite the obsessive focus on anal sex and the tiresome naïveté of the protagonist, who, though heroic, gets duped time and time again, de Sade writes with admirable zeal and devotion. Most surprisingly, I felt an undertone of love throughout his writing for every facet of this confusing existence we humans face.

But of all the quotes I collected from my readings, I thought my fellow writers, those who are brave enough to go to the darkest depths of the human psyche and those who aren’t afraid to explore the places others dare not tread, would appreciate this one the most.

“…he is like unto those perverse writers whose corruption is so dangerous, so active, that their single aim is, by causing their appalling doctrines to be printed, to immortalize the sum of their crimes after their own lives are at an end; they themselves can do no more, but their accursed writings will instigate the commission of crimes, and they carry this sweet idea with them to their graves: it comforts them for the obligation, enjoined by death, to relinquish the doing of evil.”


I believe de Sade is taking stab at himself here. No doubt the public thought he wrote solely for these reasons, and he was mocking them. It was obvious to me that his drive to write was fueled by a calling much more profound than the reasons he mentions here, though I’m sure the thought of his ideas propogating into the future put a smirk on his face at the time of his death.

Since I first began writing, I often wonder why I go to such dark places. I never expected or intended to. I outlined my theories in this post here. But, I think what is important about de Sade and books like SICK, is to face the ugliest of humanity, to seek the truth no matter how horrific it is. No matter how hard we close our eyes, our sins will not go away. Sex slavery still exists. War, torture, and vice persist. There has been no decrease in the atrocities of the human world since de Sade’s time. That is why we still must write about them. That is why we must rip off the covers we hold so tightly to our chins. Maybe one day we will figure out why we keep harming each other, why we keep destroying the world, and and we continue denying the truth about ourselves.



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Are you better at writing or speaking?

Writing is the only appropriate form of expression for me

Franz Kafka in his letter to Felice Bauer, August 20, 1913

“Talking is altogether against my nature. Whatever I may say is wrong, in my sense. For me, speech robs everything I say of its seriousness and importance. To me it seems impossible that it should be otherwise, since speech is continuously influenced by a thousand external factors and a thousand external constraints. Hence, I am silent not only from necessity, but likewise from conviction. Writing is the only appropriate form of expression for me, and will continue to be so even when we are together.”

How many of you are better at writing than speaking?

I’m most definitely more comfortable and more proficient when I communicate through the written word. Whenever I have something important to say to someone, I write a letter (or email), even if we live in the same house.

I know most of my introverted writerly friends are the same. That’s why when I read this passage last night in Kafka’s Letters to Felice, I had to share it. He wrote this to warn his future wife what it would be like to live with a writer!

How do you prefer to communicate?

Do you live with a person who will write to you instead of sitting down and having a talk?

What about those who are both talkers and writers?

To All My Dearest Readers, Followers, and Friends

Quote from A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

2014 has been an amazing year! I always feel like I’m not getting enough done, but when I look back at the past twelve months, I’ve manage to accomplish a great deal. Wow!

I finished writing my second book and am almost done with the third part of The Sculptor series. I conquered my fears and started this little blog in March and now have almost 400 subscribers. I published The Wrong David, invented the Writers Roast, and launched my Twitter service for bloggers and authors.

I went to Ecuador, traveled throughout Panama, shared special moments with my family in the US, and met some truly incredible people through My Sweet Delirium, Facebook, and Twitter.

Let me just say, dear readers, that I appreciate each and everyone of you and that is why I value your feedback to make this blog bigger and better for 2015.

What posts were your favorite?

What posts did you dislike?

Would you like to see more travel? Art? Literature? Or philosophy?

All suggestions are welcome.


And no matter where you are around the world, I wish you celebrations of love, laughter, fattening food, and too much to drink.

To my huge extended internet family,




Giving Birth to New Realities

Pablo Picasso Quote over his painting Les Demoiselles d'Avignon


How powerful is your imagination?

As I said in a recent post, when I write I feel like I’m channeling a parallel universe. Sometimes I even feel like by imagining the story, I’ve created a new reality.

Whether one believes in string theory, bubble theory, or traditional religion–most humans sense invisible worlds that exist just beyond our perception.

Could these worlds spring into being just by us imagining them? Is our world one such dimension–a thought in another being’s head?

What do you think Picasso meant?

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