A few months ago, I had the the pleasure of being on Boomers on Books with Vince Stevenson, a livestream show that features emerging and established authors. We covered many fascinating topics other than my books—relationship dynamics, addiction and mental illness, self-doubt, and life in Panama.


01:00 About the other writer in Christa’s family—her sister, Bia Bella Baker

02:30 The story of the SICK series

06:10 Evolving through relationships

09:24 The hardest part of writing

11:13 The story of the Writers Mastermind

13:45 How Christa and her husband weathered 8 months of separation during COVID

18:00 Research for SICK and writing from nightmares

22:34 How to get into the head of a madman

28:00 Writing in first person

30:45 When your spouse hates your writing

32:15 Christa’s greatest writing strength

33:35 Christa’s biggest weak spots

35:29 Building confidence through constant learning

37:43 Battling perfectionism and self-doubt

45:30 Dealing with stress

53:00 Advice to a young author