On February 7th, 2020, I signed my first contract with a publisher. Bloodshot Books gave me a shot with Popsicle, a novella I had written in 2018 (probably the weirdest thing I have and ever will write).

Little did we know that, within a few weeks, COVID 19 would paralyze the world and continue to do so for time indefinite…

So today, I’m thrilled to announce that Popsicle has finally been released. A huge thanks to Pete Kahle from Bloodshot Books and to Don Noble for the incredible cover.

Also, thanks to titan authors Jerry Stahl and Richard Thomas for their blurbs.

Popsicle Novella Christa Wojciechowski Cover Don Noble

You can now buy the eBook or Paperback format on Amazon.

But there’s more.

Some of you may remember that while this book was on hold, it made the semifinals for Screencraft’s Cinematic Short Story Contest for 2021.

This year, I entered the Launch Pad Prose contest and am thrilled to announce that Popsicle has made it to the 2nd round of judging. Winners have gone on to work with Ridley Scott and Showtime.

Here are a few words from some of my favorite writers about Popsicle:

“Popsicle is a wild ride—funny, visceral, unsettling, and oddly hopeful. Take Palahniuk and Cronenberg, mix in some Jeremy Robert Johnson, and a splash of Philip K. Dick and this is what you get. Christa Wojciechowski is one of my favorite emerging voices, taking chances on the page, as she writes startling original stories that are impossible to put down.”

Richard Thomas, author of Disintegration, Breaker, and Spontaneous Human Combustion

“Demented comedy, flat-out horror, criminal thrills that would make Tarantino blush, Christa Wojciechowski’s Popsicle has it all. This is the kind of book you won’t just dig, you’ll yank friends and loved ones out of their chairs and shove it in their faces and demand they read. Popsicle is the real deal. Get it while you can.”

Jerry Stahl, author of Permanent Midnight
Popsicle Cyberpunk Novella

About the Book


Andre only values people as far as he can use them to feed his addictions. But when he emerges from his most recent bender and finds himself gnawing on another man’s head in a New York sewer, it might be time to seek help. Cannibalism, whether intentional or not, is a gigantic red flag. But first … Where is he? How did he get there? Who is the man he is eating? And not least of all, why the hell are his pants down?


To top it all off, Andre soon discovers that someone has surgically implanted a cybernetic device in his neck. Sure, it’s cool that it allows him to virtually access the internet with his mind, but the fact that it shorts out his brain and shuts him down at the worst possible times is a major design flaw.


Frightened and horrified, Andre is determined to uncover what events led up to his grotesque meal in the sewer. Starting with his social media posts, he pieces together the missing weeks and retraces a sordid drug-fueled odyssey. Bizarre memories surface. He rediscovers long-buried feelings of guilt and regret, especially regarding his ex, Astrid. Tangled within those memories is the key to this mystery, and if he doesn’t hurry and discover what happened, his brain will fry.

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